** This position has been filled for the 2022 season**


Pinewood Springs Farm is seeking an experienced and energetic candidate for the Crew Manager position. The Crew Manager is an essential part of our core management team and is expected to think and work like a professional, which includes the ability to identify and carry out big-picture projects, communicate clearly and confidently with other managers, maintain an upbeat attitude, and to operate with autonomy.

The Crew Manager coordinates with the Farm Manager to develop the farm’s daily plan and priorities and is responsible for implementing the day’s worklist by participating in field work while directly supervising first and second year apprentices and crew members (regularly 8-10 people with additional part-time summer help). The Crew Manager will ensure that all tasks are completed correctly, efficiently, and safely while maintaining a positive work environment for crew members. Ideal candidates for this position will be motivated to participate in hands-on daily field work alongside new and learning farmers, and will both lead by example in pace-setting and quality of work while also providing verbal instruction, encouragement, and constructive feedback to crew members.

This position requires practical knowledge and experience in vegetable production to actively participate in goal-setting and prioritization in the context of both whole-season planning and daily execution. The Crew Manager must have consistent attention to detail and strong independent decision-making capabilities while remaining flexible and adaptable to changing situations. An ideal candidate should have excellent communication skills and be comfortable holding a group accountable to efficiency and quality standards and working on or around medium sized farm equipment. The field work is physically demanding and requires someone who is motivated, has a good attitude, can tolerate working in inclement weather, and is able to lift at least 50-lbs at a time.

The Crew Manager is responsible for:

  • Planning and coordination in off-hours prior to and following the work day to set daily as well as big picture goals and priorities
  • Leading and motivating the crew through daily field work including seeding, transplanting, trellising, hand weeding, greenhouse work, harvest, and other field projects
  • Ensuring tasks are completed correctly, efficiently, and safely with attention to detail and quality standards. This includes training crew members in proper techniques and providing constructive feedback to improve crew performance as well as managing transitions between projects to maintain a good workflow and pace throughout the day
  • Maintaining a good attitude and contributing to positive team morale
  • Communicating crop conditions, abundance or scarcity to the farm manager, helping scout for pests, diseases or other problems encountered during daily harvests
  • Operating tractors, trucks, and other farm equipment
  • Keeping the farm running smoothly in the absence of other farm managers, which includes independent decision-making and time good time management

JOB TYPE: Full-Time

The ideal candidate:

  • 3+ seasons of experience working on a small to medium scale vegetable farm, and a desire to continue to pursue an agricultural career
  • Candidates with the intention to stay for more than one season are preferred
  • A strong, foundational understanding of food production systems having experience with seasonality, plant propagation and seedling care, plant life cycles, scouting for pests and diseases, harvest and post-harvest handling, farmers markets, etc.
  • At least one year of experience managing employees/ interns/ apprentices Excellent time management and strong sense of pace and urgency associated with task completion
  • Strong communication skills, positive attitude, and desire to teach crew members and set the daily tone for the crew
  • Ability to quickly pick up new concepts and techniques and then teach them to others
  • Strong work ethic and excellent attention to detail
  • Ability to lift 50 pounds at a time and do physical work for 40-50 hours a week in the high season
  • Prior experience using small or mid-size tractors and equipment Valid drivers’ license (must be able to transport crew members and supplies between fields throughout the day using farm vehicles. A personal vehicle is not required)
  • is positive, enthusiastic, and has the ability to see the big picture while paying close attention to detail;
  • COVID-19: All employees are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Please bring inoculation card to initial interview. Individuals who are not fully vaccinated are not eligible for employment at Pinewood Springs Farm.


This is a year-round position and the length of the workday varies within the season. Employees work an average of 40 hrs over a 5 day work week with 1/2 hour lunch break daily. The expectation is that the work day or work week will last until the job is finished.

Monday – Friday (7:00 AM – 5:00 PM during peak season, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM in cool season)

Farmers Markets are Saturdays 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM ET (subject to change)


  • Salaried $35-40k/year depending on experience with yearly performance increases
  • Start Date (slightly flexible): March 2022
  • Overtime (hours in excess of 40 hours per week) will be compensated as paid time off and can be accrued throughout the season
  • $40 weekly produce from the farm
  • Five days vacation after 6 months

To apply for any position, please follow these instructions:

Do not come to the Farm or Farmers Markets.

Send us an email with the subject “Employment 2022”, indicate which position you are applying for, (Manager, Crew, Market etc.) and answer the following:

1) Your current contact information (i.e. phone number and current address).
2) Are you of legal working age (18+ years, and you must be strong enough for physical farm work)
3) Your farming and/or physical labor experience with at least two references and their respective phone number, email address, and the dates you worked for them.
4) Your availability (dates and time) to visit the farm for an interview. Weekdays only.
5) The date you’d like to start working and the intended length of your stay.
6) Do you have a valid & current driver’s license?
7) Are you legal to work in the United States?
8) Are you able to work weekends (as needed) and do you have any prior commitments that would prevent you from working any days during the season?
9) Explanation of why you would be great fit at Pinewood Springs Farm.
10) If you know someone that currently works at Pinewood Springs Farm, please let us know who they are and your relationship to them.

Send email to info@pinewoodspringsfarm.com

Pinewood Springs Farm does not discriminate against any employee or prospective employee, in hiring, wages, benefits, or any other capacity, on the basis of race, creed, color, national or ethnic origin, nationality, gender, gender identity, age, handicap or disability (including HIV status), union or political activity, immigration status, citizenship status, marital status, or sexual orientation. 

Pinewood Springs Farm acknowledges the Muscogee Creek Nation, who farmed on and honored this Southeastern land before their forced removal and the dispossession of their ancestral land. To learn more and support the Muscogee Nation, visit Muscogeenation.com.